The Funding Campaign

We launched a crowd funding campaign on the 25th of may 2011, on, have a look here. We were trying to raise $7,000 (about €5,000) to pay for the post production of “City Wild”. The campaign ran for 45 days closing on the 9th of July. We raised just over our target amount $7,136 from 121 funders. We were, and are still chuffed.

If you missed out on contributing to the crowd funding campaign, or this is the first time you have seen the project you can buy one of the perks through the PayPal button here.


You may have heard about crowd funding already, be very familiar with it and may have even supported some projects, but, if you haven’t, this is how it works: instead of asking one institution (private or public) for a bulk of money, it’s about asking a lot of people for a little money. The traditional way, we compete with many others for a handful of available funds and we’re dependent on the taste and choice of a few; with crowd funding, we deal directly with you, our future audience, those who like what we’re doing and want to be involved. Traditionally, we may even have to sell your soul and the film’s to the devil to adjust to the financiers’ agenda, but with crowd-funding, we get genuine interest and good will in exchange for a finished product the public have helped to make and have gotten some interesting perks for it in return.

It’s not charity, but an investment in an idea. You’ll get acknowledgement for your support, information and involvement in the production process and, depending on how much you can contribute, smaller or bigger perks!

To our 121 funders, thanks, we’re going to make you a great film, your gonna love it. Promise.


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