One more panorama please!

by leticia on August 2, 2012

Over the last year and a half that we have filming on and off, we have been aiming at getting the biggest panoramic view of the whole park for no budget, which means we have tried it with GoPro cameras from a kite swinging in the wind, a remote control airplane thanks to the Leinster Model Flying Club -more shaky than the kite-, the tallest and newest building at one end of the park -the sloping end!- and finally, yesterday, thanks to the intervention of film participant and continued supporter, former chief superintendent John McCullen, from one of OPW’s hoists, operated by John Butler.

Paul geared up and went up with John, taking the “basket” to its highest point of 29 metres (95 feet or thereabouts) at 3 different spots in the park, two by the Phoenix column. I think we got our panorama this time!



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