Picnic Perk

by paul on September 9, 2011


Its been ages since our last post, but we have not been idle. Leticia has been editing and Paul & Andrey have been out filming the Wildlife in the park, City Wild is coming together nicely. But right now, on the top of our list is one of the indiegogo Perks “Red Fox” a picnic in the park, September the 10th (Which is tomorrow).

The Victorian Kitchen Walled Garden, one of the Phoenix Park’s hidden gem’s (right beside the Visitors center go check it out), has generously donated lots of veg for the picnic, the rest of the ingredients and the  menu has been put together by Sarah from Home Organics

The walled gardeners picking beans for the City Wild picnic.

I picked up all these wonderful ingredients on Thursday morning

With Less then 18 hours to go we have been cooking up a storm. Paul’s Mum is even lending a hand.

I have to get back to the kitchen, theses beetroots won’t roast by themselves.

The next post will be a picnic extravaganza.

City Wild crew

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RosyB September 10, 2011 at 8:32 am

Good luck guys. This looks absolutely delicious. Lots of photos please!

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