101.94% City Wild

by paul on July 11, 2011

Hey everybody, 101.94%, it’s not a radio station, (though it could be), that’s how much City Wild raised on IndieGoGo, over its forty five day crowd funding campaign, $7,136. Whoo Hoooo, I need to stop doing that.

We just wanted to thank all of the people who have shared our posts, re-tweeted our tweets and of course contributed, it means a great deal to us.

Leticia is working away on a rough assembly, so we can see what we have so far. We have a few more filming days scheduled over the next two weeks, but we’re pretty much in the home stretch now (fingers crossed).

The next big thing on our list is the “Red Fox” perk, we haven’t decided a date for the picnic just yet, but as soon as we do, we will let everyone know, with plenty of warning too. If you missed out on a chance to contribute to City Wild through IndieGoGo we have set up a PayPal button (It’s just to the Right) so you can contribute directly through this site. You will still get the same perks, and there are still a few places left on the picnic.

We will be updating the blog throughout the editing and post production process, so you can see how we spend all of the GoGo money.

The City Wild Team

We’re very happy

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