We’re upgrading our perks!

by leticia on June 25, 2011


As we have 2 weeks to go and we want as many people as possible to contribute, we’re doing a  City Wild SALE!

These upgrades apply for everyone who has already contributed too:

Pygmy Shrew ($7) now includes a HD digital download of the finished film

Pipistrelle Bat ($20) now includes a DVD of the film and extras.

Grey Squirrel ($35) now includes a digital download of Leticia’s Spanish cooking videos.

Red Fox ($60) also includes the Spanish cooking videos.

Fawns ($130) if you can make it, you’re more than welcome to come to the picnic.

The Fallow Deer Stags get everything anyway, so no upgrade for you!

We hope these attractive offers entice you to CONTRIBUTE, and, if you’ve already contributed, that they move you to spread the word.

Many thanks,

The City Wild team

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Brendan Costello June 26, 2011 at 12:50 pm

I hope that the new incentives result in a good surge in the funding. Already I have had some new inquires, which I will follow up this week. You will get there yet, keep up the good work, Brendan Costello…

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