City Wild’s unsung hero

by paul on June 17, 2011

Here at City Wild / Whackala HQ, we have been hard at work; campaigning, emailing, blogging, facebooking, tweeting… Oh, and filming, of course, all the things you have to do in today’s, modern world of independent filmmaking. It’s going well, thanks for asking. We’re just about at the 50% mark of our fundraising campaign (we’re actually at 48.27% Dont believe me! have a look for yourself), which is no mean feet. But we just wanted to say a special thanks to one of the cast of City Wild, Brendan Costello, “Thanks Brendan”. Not only is he featuring in the film, he’s fast become our biggest grassroots campaigner and production co-ordinator. Brendan has been talking about City Wild to his friends and cohorts, telling them all about the project and the fundraising campaign, and a few have wanted to contribute. Not one to let a opportunity pass him by, Brendan has stuck out his hand and passed the cash to us online. On top of his continued campaigning he has helped us organise introductions and interviews, which honestly, without his help wouldn’t have happened.

The staff in the Phoenix Park work tirelessly throughout the year to manage and protect the park so that you and I can use it when ever we want, (except when The queen visits, but that’s not going to happen again for ages). To have a couple of filmmakers popping in and getting in the way can be a little bit of an annoyance, but the entire staff have made us feel welcome and have been incredibly helpful and accommodating with us, as we have been filming over the last few weeks.

From happy filmmakers, thanks.

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